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#1ST DEATH + NEWS — by ACXYZ at 09/09/21 (Thu) 07:05:50

Recently, it's come to my attention that my beloved ego chamber has suffered tragic downtime, bring it's death for the first time. The damage was caused by server reimaging done by a third party on my host's servers, causing downtime lasting more than 9 days… ;_;

Now that you get the grim picture, it's brought me to announce some new changes!

In order to minimize my losses and bandwidth, I'm gonna consolidate most boards down to one. Which means /mn/, /msq/, /rnd/ and /th/ will combine to become the /b/ - Anime/Random board. Luckily, L00tchan gets to stay (yaaay!). Assuming all goes well, the script will be changed from Vichan to the Kokonotsuba bulletin board script in the coming week.

So what's next? Well, I plan to add some cool stuff like frames and "emotes" so there's that.
If you have any better ideas, please feel free to email me here. Thank you! ^_^

#VIOLET — by ACXYZ at 07/04/21 (Sun) 10:56:17


I'm setting it as the default theme for the site.
If you don't like it, too bad! Use it. >:)

My thanks to the person for the suggestion in e-mail! ^_^

#ETERNALLY DESOLATE — by ACXYZ at 06/12/21 (Sat) 04:47:57

Godfrey Boppity Lee is very deep, but not really…

What's up? Nothing.
The vacancy of the site had a profound effect on me.

As far as I'm concerned, the site has little to no new posts. I want people to post stuff and add funny pictures they have.
With that being said, I want you guys to please post, contribute even.
Any post will help!

Please post around here, please? ;_;
Thank you!

#New board: Touhou! — by ACXYZ at 02/18/21 (Thu) 00:20:57

We got a new Touhou board!
Enjoy your high IQ discussions and maymays here!


You can still post Touhou stuff outside it though.
Also Mima

#HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY — by ACXYZ at 02/03/21 (Wed) 07:16:28

The site has passed one year of uptime since 3rd February! WOOHOO!

Now I'll get some sleep.

#SNOW — by ACXYZ at 11/30/20 (Mon) 01:21:08

Look in the background… ITS SNOWING!!!!!!1111

Yup, it's snowing, for real! Check it out!

#New board: l00t! — by ACXYZ at 05/16/20 (Sat) 15:35:10

Today we made a new board called l00t.
Hopefully it'll get good.


Is it gonna work out? Probably not.
Hotel? Trivago.

#Imageboard is a go! — by ACXYZ at 02/04/20 (Tue) 01:38:56

Where your dreams come to die.
Welcome to my imageboard! Although its not much, it can get interesting.
Just behave well, and other than that, knock yourself out. :)


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