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#New board: Touhou! — by ACXYZ at 02/18/21 (Thu) 00:20:57

We got a new Touhou board!
Enjoy your high IQ discussions and maymays here!


You can still post Touhou stuff outside it though.
Also Mima

#HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY — by ACXYZ at 02/03/21 (Wed) 07:16:28

The site has passed one year of uptime since 3rd February! WOOHOO!

Now I'll get some sleep.

#SNOW — by ACXYZ at 11/30/20 (Mon) 01:21:08

Look in the background… ITS SNOWING!!!!!!1111

Yup, it's snowing, for real! Check it out!

#New board: l00t! — by ACXYZ at 05/16/20 (Sat) 15:35:10

Today we made a new board called l00t.
Hopefully it'll get good.


Is it gonna work out? Probably not.
Hotel? Trivago.

#Imageboard is a go! — by ACXYZ at 02/04/20 (Tue) 01:38:56

Where your dreams come to die.
Welcome to my imageboard! Although its not much, it can get interesting.
Just behave well, and other than that, knock yourself out. :)


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